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A strategic business unit of Imaging Solutions has been formed to specifically manage and further develop the existing textiles and sewing production activities of the company. Named IS Textiles, the business’ core goal is to grow Australia’s advanced manufacturing capabilities through onshoring existing textile-based production which has been undertaken by other countries until recently.

The development of the business unit is expected to provide more local jobs, build local manufacturing capabilities and safeguard against growing international geopolitical instability. There exists growing, widespread concern in relation to the deteriorating reliability of supply chains generally and sovereign security overall.

We aspire to significantly increase Australia’s manufacturing contribution to sectors such as health, defence, leisure, and lifestyle so as to increase local Queensland’s ability to supply a range of textile and garment products and services to our customers. The company is already the country’s leading supplier of personal radiation protection apparel (PPE) and has identified a range of products and markets in which it has made advanced progress in developing critical production feed stocks, as well as finished supplies.

Over 185 combined years of experience in textile manufacturing in the factory in Meadowbrook, Queensland, just south of Brisbane ensures IS Textiles embraces advanced technology platforms to enable precision cutting, embroidery, welding, fabrication, and assembly.

Glenn Honey, Imaging Solutions CEO, says, “By providing excellent quality of work life in our IS Textiles factory, we give employees outstanding advancement opportunities to build a career in Australian manufacturing. We’re proud to be recognised as finalists in the 2021 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards as Emerging Exporters in the Health and Medical industry — further proof of our commitment to building onshore capacity.”

“It is vital in this period to ensure sovereign product and supply chain security so that customers, suppliers, and organisations know their orders will arrive on time and to spec.”

One example of this commitment to meeting market demand is to onshore the manufacture of neoprene in Australia as there is currently no local neoprene manufacturing capability. This lack of Australian skill means an 8-to-12 month delay exists on neoprene orders from overseas suppliers.

With exciting new major contracts on the horizon, get in touch to join our textiles manufacturing team.

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